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Beehighve The Blogging Colony, is a free blogging site and downloadable app that allows members to create posts and publish them on the web without the complexities and costs of maintaining a website.

Mission: To build a brand recognized by its commitment to supporting the blogging community and its members

Here to help the blogging community grow! Beehighve makes it simple and free to post, add web pages of various categories, and connect with others of similar interests. In addition, members can stay connected on the go by downloading Beehighve from the AppStore or GooglePlay. In essence, blogging and growing your followers has never been as fun, easy, and rewarding. So don’t wait any longer, join Beehighve, the best free blogging colony, and start publishing content today!

Vision: To engage the blogging community in a fun and rewarding platform and deliver our members’ content to their readers and followers

Join a group, connect with others, reach different levels in different categories, or simply post about your career and see what badge you’re rewarded with. Regardless of what you’re into, Beehighve provides free features to easily recognize your blogging interests and help your colony grow. Whether your interests are news, politics, fitness, or entertainment, you can easily personalize your profile as you build your colony! All of these features are free by simply creating an account on Beehgihve.

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Free blogging with full access to all the features to help you connect and grow your followers

With Beehighve, you get all the features free of charge to build your blogging colony. Because of its simple design members can focus on composing and publishing content as oppose to building and maintaining a site. Among its free features are things like joining groups or building and managing your own. Of course, its coolest feature are rewards or profile markers to help attract others to your colony and blog. This feature represents who you are, so the more you do on beehighve the better you’ll be represented on your profile.

Beehighve; A family owned site

Beehighve was developed in 2017 by Jose Sanchez in the state of California. Mr. Sanchez has a background that spans from growing up in the Los Angeles area, serving in the Marines, working with celebrities in West L.A., and leading applications development teams for a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Sanchez holds both a BA and MBA in business. He lives a quiet life with his beautiful wife and kids who are now heading off to college.

His favorite drink is a Smoked Old-Fashioned!

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