The mission at Beehighve

Our Mission is to build a trusted blog registry brand recognized by its commitment of supporting its members and the overall blogging community

We are committed to providing a unique and trusted blog registry experience to our members by focusing on methods to help promote and drive traffic to their site. With both free and premium options, Beehighve provides the best level of recognition with three focus points to achieve it.

  1. Free Profile-Cards for each of our members with links to both their website and Social Media.
  2. Premium automated Post Sharing directly into Beehighve’s blog roll.
  3. Free and Premium marketing options to build followers and brand loyalty.

Our vision is to grow into the largest network of bloggers by providing a platform that is engaging, rewarding, and beneficial for members to reach their goals.

A Blogger’s goal on Beehighve is to remain a top-listed-member in their categories of interests. Members can achieve that by implementing different strategies that keeps their profile earning points such as sharing posts, adding followers, following others, or using one or all of our premium services.

Bloggers on Beehighve have various options on how to strategize and increase their followers. They can create a post right on Beehighve, set up an automated sharing feed to their latest post, build a colony of followers, and of course modify their profile-card to be as eye catching as possible.

Stay current by downloading the Beehighve APP from the AppStore or GooglePlay

Beehighve provides ways to help your number of followers grow

Whether you’re blogging about news, politics, fitness, or entertainment, Beehighve is the place where all bloggers should be registered. People are trying to find bloggers like you in an ocean of Social Media or Google searches…forget that! Because of its simple design, members can focus on using Beehighve as part of their growth strategy while building and maintaining their own site. With sleek profile-cards, free or low cost premium options, and a mobile app, Beehighve is sure to help maximize your growth potential and goals.