The mission at Beehighve

Mission: To build a brand recognized by its commitment to supporting the blogging community and its members

Here to help bloggers succeed, Beehighve makes it fun and rewarding to be a member of its community. With Beehighve, visitors can easily recognize what each blogger’s topic of interests is from badges displayed on their profile-card. Similarly, visitors can gauge a blogger’s level of engagement from points earned through various activities. Ultimately, Beehighve focuses on providing the best level of recognition to its members, while at the same time, giving visitors an easy way to find answers from the best bloggers in their topic of interest.

Vision: To engage the blogging community in a fun and rewarding platform and help visitors easily find the best bloggers in their area of interest

Bloggers on Beehighve have various options on how to strategize and increase their followers. They can create a post right on Beehighve, set up an RSS feed to their latest post (see RSS feed for details), build a colony of followers, and of course modify their profile-card to be as eye catching as possible. A Blogger’s goal on Beehighve is to remain a top-listed-member in their area of interests by staying engaged with Beehighve as much as possible.

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Beehighve provides ways to help your number of followers grow

Whether you’re blogging about news, politics, fitness, or entertainment, Beehighve is the place where all bloggers should be registered. People are trying to find bloggers like you in an ocean of social media or google searches…forget that! All of the things you can benefit from with Beehighve are free when you create an account. Because of its simple design, members can focus on using Beehighve as part of their growth strategy while building and maintaining their own site. With sleek profile-cards, smart reward and recognition system, and a mobile app, Beehighve is sure to help maximize your growth potential and goals.