Earn badges for different activities

Keep it moving with Beehighve and earn badges for different activities. Earn points for your posts or for socializing in a group, just be sure to show off your rewards on Facebook or Twitter and invite others to be part of your movement. So have fun competing and collect the most badges. Also, be sure to check often and grab those limited time badges or points whenever they come up because you never know what might come out of the Beehighve!

Beehighve Member

Welcome to Beehighve! This is your membership badge. Click on the badge to register and join.

Profile Award

Show other members what you’re all about by uploading a new Avatar photo or uploading a Cover Photo and earn the Profile Badge plus 5 points! Look out for announcements to earn Special Profile Badges!

Blogger Award

Create 3 blog post (+) in total and earn this badge plus 10 points. Can be earned in combination with other blog type badges.

Conservation Badge

Whether you just love the outdoors or travel the world protecting wildlife we want you to share your story and photos. Post a Blog (+) in our Environmental category and earn the Conservation Badge plus 50 points.

The Honey #1

This is a limited time badge awarded to the first 21 girls who Blog (+) in the category of HONEYS. Share what makes you the sweet taste men crave, why you’re a heart breaker or a heart taker. Earns you a chance to be featured in Beehighve’s Honeys list. The more friends you make the better your chances to becoming a Honey.


Your earned points get you some coins! Start earning coins at 20 points. Different activities across Beehighve will get you there and don’t forget, look out for flash notifications that will reward you high points!

The Blue Falcon Co. Badge

The latest brand for those who have served in the Armed Forces has landed in the Beehighve! Earn this badge by joining the Blue Falcon Co. Group on Beehighve and adding a front page post of you sporting your latest or favorite apparel…One of Beehigvhe’s favorites is “This Guy Humps“.