Social Media that is fun and rewarding

It’s that simple. Beehighve brings together the connective atmosphere of social media but rewards you for it. Beyond that, you get to actually publish blogs about your interests and also get rewarded for it.

Trump's ban from social media

Compete with Points and Badges

Compete and collect the rewards from Beehighve, the more you do the more you earn. Beehighve randomly publishes badges to earn based on certain rules. Sometimes the badges are temporary, others are permanent. The points and badges are added to your profile helping you to easily determine who’s active on the site or who keeps things moving on similar interests as you. So, check the Beehighve Badges to see what’s available to earn!

Make your message stick like honey

Don’t let your words get lost in an ocean of posts on social media. With Beehighve you can publish a short blog to the landing page and easily attract others with the same interests. Keep your movement going or your style on point, just click on the add icon and off you go. Oh, by the way…this gives you the most points!

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