What is Beehighve

Beehighve is a blogging platform with a fun competitive atmosphere. With Beehighve you can connect to others of similar interests without the noise of traditional social media. What is also different are rewards and points that are awarded for blogs being posted, the more points you have the more others will be interested in following you. You can further connect with others by creating a network of friends and begin messaging and emailing in your private activity page. The Beehighve App, now available in Android and Apple devices, also helps you stay connected on the go. With the App downloaded, you can receive notifications of Blogging challenges or Activities to complete that will help you earn additional badges and points. So, stay connected and have fun by downloading the Beehighve App.

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Compete for Points and Badges

Compete and collect the rewards from Beehighve, the more you do the more you earn. Beehighve randomly publishes badges to earn based on certain rules and activities, points are also added as you along. Sometimes the badges are temporary, others are permanent. Points and badges are added to a user’s profile and are a good indicators of who’s active within Beehighve and may in turn help you from being swarmed. So check out the Beehighve Badges to see what’s available to earn!

Create Groups or Join them

Groups are another way for Beehighve members to earn points and badges. The more users join your groups the stronger your individual profile gets. Groups can also be swarmed by critters so be sure to constantly post on your group page and attract others by blogging about your activities to Beehighve’s home page.

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