I’ve finally found it


This is for anyone struggling with addiction. Recovery is possible. I know you’re sick of hearing this. They preach it at every treatment center and at every meeting. When I say recovery is possible I mean it. This coming from someone who used to think that was a crock of shit. Someone who never used to want to be sober. From someone who didn’t understand the purpose of sobriety. From someone who struggled for years with their sobriety. This is coming from someone who’s finally found it…found their reason to stay sober…found their reason to keep living. For the first time ever in my life getting high is no longer a viable option for anything life throws at me. For once in my life I don’t even think about getting high, I don’t miss one single thing about it or anything that follows. I love my life. My life may not be Adrenalin filled excitement but it is fun, fulfilling, and filled with love and laughter. Recovery is possible and it’s fucking amazing, but you can’t force it. No amount of counseling or treatment or incarceration is going to keep anyone sober that isn’t ready to be sober. You have to find your reason and it has to be genuine and organic. You’re going to white knuckle it for a while, but if you want it you’ll work for it and you’ll make it through. One day you’ll wake up and smile and getting high wont even be a thought. I still have triggers, but they don’t trigger the desire to get high anymore. They trigger memories; people, places, sounds, smells, emotions. Some of them might make me laugh but it’s all tinged with sadness because of the mess that my life was during those times. It was never truly a good time, ever. I lost everything and I’ve fought hard to get to here. This might not be where I want to be, but it’s the best place I’ve ever been. I’ve found my reason to be here, to be the best version of me. I’ve found my value and if you’re still out there, still struggling, still fighting; I hope you find you’re reason too because you’re worth it.