It’s not rocket science


Alrighty now this is for all y’all that wanted to know how the fuck I got my body back after two babies in two years (9 weeks postpartum right now). It’s not rocket science, it’s really not, but there is a science to it and I’ll break down exactly what I’ve done/been doing. First things first MOTIVATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I mean that whole heartedly. My husband says all the time motivation is bullshit, it comes and goes, you need to have discipline. He’s right, motivation is a feeling and like most feelings it comes and goes, but discipline is a skill and once you get some discipline in your life you’re going to accomplish whatever it is you want. I started this back on February 1st of this year crying because I was fat. I was pregnant, but I was fat and I hated it. I was almost 170lbs and wasn’t due until April and I was 120lbs before I got pregnant. My loathing of what I saw in the mirror was my initial motivation to make a change. That day I downloaded the Prenatal Downdog Yoga app on my phone and got to work. They also have some super awesome other apps that I also utilize like Yoga (for anyone that isn’t pregnant), Barre, and HIIT. All of which I utilize and once I got comfortable with the prenatal yoga I utilized all the other workouts as well. Tip here do not do any workout that doesn’t feel right in your body! If it causes you actual pain don’t do it! Every workout I did started making me feel progressively better and better and that’s where my motivation turned to discipline. While pregnant I worked out at least 10 mins a day and then walked on the treadmill we have every chance I got. I wasn’t pushing myself too hard because I’m relatively sensible, but after I had my son in March (4 weeks early. Don’t worry he’s perfect) we were in the hospital for 2 days and I was doing HIIT and yoga in my hospital room, that’s discipline y’all. Being at home now with two babies I don’t necessarily get to set aside time to work out. I don’t go to the gym or anything, but I move constantly and work out in short bursts where I can. Literally anyone can do this. Food is in the microwave for 45 seconds bust out a fucking 45 second plank. Sitting on the couch watching tv? Bust out as many crunches as you can before your show comes back on. Waiting for your kids bath water to run? Fucking squat it out until the tub is full. You waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom? WALL SIT! Y’all I’m not playing it’s really that simple. Get your kids involved too, it’ll make life way easier if they want to join your workout as opposed to disrupt it. My daughter is 1 and she fucking loves yoga. This girl was busting out yoga moves (downdog, three legged dog, sumo squats) before she could even walk! So no excuses, get moving. Now, diet is equally important. My husband is the diet guru and he’s counting calories and macros and shit, but I’m lazy and that’s too intense for me (but if y’all are interested in that shit I’m sure he’d help you break down a perfectly macro nutrient balanced diet). I simply just started eating healthier, no fast food, minimal processed bullshit, and I stopped over eating. And that’s fucking great, but let me tell you this I’ve discovered my husband might’ve been right about something….sugar. I love me some fucking sugar, man. I’d never tell anyone to cut out sugar, but I will say if you simply cut back on sugar you’re going to see some real results. Ten days ago y’all I just cut back on sugar and started intermittent fasting. What I mean by that is I don’t eat until at least 8am and I don’t eat anything after 8pm, so 12 hours a day I don’t eat shit. With my sugar reduction I use sugar free creamer in my coffee, I don’t eat sugary cereal, I’ve dramatically cut back on my candy and ice cream intake. Ten days y’all, I’ve cut back on sugar and started intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 4.4lbs! I’m down to 130lbs at 9 weeks postpartum! My mantra that I’ve had since February 1st has been “I will look good and feel confident in a bikini in Florida!”. We leave for FL next week on the 23rd and I’m looking and feeling pretty good. Oh, and for any of you having a panic attack about reducing sugar it’s so simple. If you drink coffee and want creamer, just buy the sugar free shit it tastes just as good I promise. If you’re someone that likes soda just get the diet bullshit, it’s not going to kill you I promise. If you dig sweet cereal for breakfast try a healthier less sugary option (plain Cheerios with fruit in it, Honey Nut Cheerios, honey bunches of oats; these are all way better for you amd have significantly less sugar than other breakfast cereals). Quit eating highly processed frozen foods! They’re packed with all kinds of salt and sugar (excess sugar stores as fat and too much salt is going to make you retain water). Look up some recipes with fresh veggies and chicken breast, make some whole grain pasta, whip up some eggs for an omelette, get some whole grain tortillas and make some burritos. Cooking healthy meals is much easier than you’d think! Get rid of fast food altogether! I mean it! It’s so bad for you in every way! Cut back on your junk food intake limit yourself to one candy bar or one bowl of ice cream a day or find a healthier alternative. I’ve got a new found love for dark chocolate covered almonds and honey roasted pistachios that I munch on when I need candy or fresh fruit too to crush that sugar craving. Oh and if you drink alcohol quit it, that all turns to sugar. Getting into shape and losing weight isn’t rocket science and it isn’t hard. It’s a lot of work but it isn’t hard. Don’t wait until you’ve got the motivation, get disciplined, get up, get moving, eat something good for you. Do yourself a favor and start right now. Drop the excuses and do something good for you, you’ll thank yourself later!