Something special


Who decided dandelions are weeds? I mean that seriously. My kids pick me dandelions every year for Mother’s Day and I fucking love it, but nothing makes me angrier than when someone feels the need to tell them that the flowers they picked are “just weeds”. To me they’re not “just weeds”. I love these dandelions, my kids saw something they thought was beautiful and magical and wanted to share it with me. To me they’re not weeds. I googled it actually; why they’re considered weeds. Want to know what puts them in that category? They grow everywhere, they spread aggressively, and they’re hard to kill. I don’t see the problem with any of that. They’re beautiful, strong, resilient, and plentiful. I think they’re beautiful and it makes my heart smile to have my tiny people find flowers and leaves that they think are the perfect gift for me. I have a book full of pressed flowers and leaves that they’ve given to me over the years. Most of them are dandelions and they’re my favorite. They go from tiny happy little suns to puffy little balls of wishes. I love that they can appreciate the beauty in the little things, the things others might dismiss as “just weeds”. My hope for them is that they never lose that. They never lose that kind and thoughtfulness behind giving a simple gift, that they always find beauty in life, that they can appreciate the things others may look past, that they blaze their own trail rather than fall in line with everyone else. I hope that they always consider the dandelions a flower as opposed to a weed.