How the WordPress ‘Reader’ Limits Your Blog Traffic

The WordPress Reader is a popular feature that allows you to keep up with your favorite blogs without having to visit their websites.

However, did you know that the WordPress Reader actually limits traffic to your blog?

That’s right. The WordPress Reader does not easily drive traffic to your site. When someone reads your post in WordPress Reader, they are not visiting your website, they are instead staying on WordPress. You are not getting the benefits of someone visit your site, such as ad impressions or affiliate sales.

You built a site to monetize it, but WordPress Reader doesn’t help maximize your profit

The time spent on building your website is an investment and like any investment it should have a return. Unfortunately a new post on WordPress doesn’t give you that. A notification is sent to your followers which directs them to the WordPress Reader. Your followers then need navigate through several clicks to finally arrive at your website. During the entire process, WordPress is getting the traffic, not your site. This is the way sites hosted on WordPress are held hostage, but you can’t blame them. The business of WordPress is to keep people on the WordPress site, not on yours. And so its most valuable commodity, followers and Likes, is preserved within it.

In addition, the WordPress Reader can actually send people away from your site. When someone sees your posts in the WordPress Reader, they may not click through to your site to read it. They may just read the excerpt and then move to the next post thereby driving traffic away from your site. That’s how WordPress achieves its goal, by keeping you and every member on their website as long as possible. However, the goal is for your site to succeed in traffic, not WordPress.

What you can do to drive traffic to your site

One option is to register your blog with Beehighve-The Blogging Colony. Beehighve is a platform that helps you promote your blog and drive traffic to your site.

By registering your blog on Beehighve, you open the door to your site’s potential. You can freely promote it, share your posts, or market your brand. You’re Profile-Card is the gateway to your blog and how you want to represent it. That’s right, your site gets representation on Beehighve. WordPress’ Reader does not give you that. Regardless all the likes and follows, it is not driving traffic to your site. People have full visibility of your work through it, without even visiting your blog. Now, how does that help you?

So, how do you get around it? By joining a blog registry that actually helps drive traffic to your site, a registry like Beehighve-The Blogging Colony.

Beehighve drives traffic to your site

So, we all need WordPress to develop our websites, and its features are without a doubt exceptionally well built. But, as it was pointed out, the WordPress Reader limits the traffic to your site. Beehighve is the opposite in that it is designed for you to promote and drive traffic to it. It is the bridge between you and your followers actually visiting your blog and gaining ad impressions.

Check out all about Beehighve through the About, Mission, and How To pages. Then maximize your sites potential traffic with the ‘Share Your Posts’ options that are available. And, to really stand out above the rest, turn your logo into a badge for Profile-Cards, just like Blue Falcon did.