Mental Madness

We aren’t crazy. We are hurting on the inside in a way that can not be seen, detected, or measured.

Those ticks, stutters, and fits that can be seen on the outside are the only signs of the torture that really exists in our minds. Evidence that the pain we feel is difficult to contain and is begging to be released in any way possible.

Sometimes the pain leads us to believe we are stuck alone in this internal prison with no answers as to why and no relief.

When we seek help, we are often unheard and unhelped or sequestered away into a too-cold BU (behavioural unit) and drugged into oblivion.

This increases the feelings of uselessness and devalues the way that we feel along with why we feel that way, or whatever histories that kicked our heads in enough to be in this much pain.

Some of us reach so low feeling of value while so deeply soaked in unsolvable misery…we decide it’s just not worth continuing to beg for relief, and we are all sure we don’t want to continue in this madness.

It doesn’t mean we are weak or cowards. We are far stronger than we even give ourselves credit for, just in coping daily with all this extra mind garbage.

We are just human beings who have had enough and would be better served by having love in our lives than locked up in even more external misery that adds to our internal struggles.