Make Your Blog Popular: 6 Principles For Gaining Followers

Consistency can make your blog popular and increase your followers . But it doesn’t have to be a daunting task, rather you just have to be consistent. So let’s dive into 6 principals you need consistency on to gain a loyal following.

Blogging should balance your life, not take over it.

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  1. Be consistent with posting. We’ve established that you’re a blogger, but now you need to make your blog popular with the posts you produce, so naturally you have to post. As a start, set a goal on how many posts to publish per week and work towards that. Keep in mind, it’s not about quantity, its about quality. At first, posts don’t have to be perfect, just strive to get better over time by simply proof reading and trying different WordPress blocks. Three to four posts per week is a good medium. If you’re a beginner, two good posts a week is a great start.
  2. Consistently work on your site. To make your blog popular, you have to have a catchy site. To achieve that balance your time spent working on posts with time spent on improving it. Your site needs to be visibly capturing for a visitor to want to navigate through it. Organize it with a flow of links and buttons. Of course images help. Experiment with plugins, try different menu options, and study your competition to see what their sites look like. Be consistent with jazzing it up but don’t burn yourself out. A well built site will keep readers on your site longer so consistently improve it over time is a must.

Be Consistent with what you want to be known for

  1. Stick to your niche. Make your blog popular for what you want it to be known for by sticking to a single niche. You can start by blogging about a single category with a single tag for each post. For example the category of Sports is a wide area to cover and it can pull you in different directions. But use a Tag of Boxing in your posts and you’ll now be able focus your efforts in only that area of sports. Build some content consistently for about a week or two around that single category and tag and see how popular your blog might get. Then try another combination until you’ve hit a niche. The goal is to find the niche, stick with it, use it as practice and build a following that you can expand with.
  1. Sign up to a blog registry. This has a huge payback in helping to make your blog popular. Yes, you can share posts on Facebook, but social media platforms are not registries for bloggers. A blog registry allows you to connect with others who seek your categories and topics. A well built registry will help you connect with other bloggers, make friends, create discussion, and most importantly promote your blog. The public will eventually catch wind of your site as it gains popularity within the blogging community. Of course, Beehighve is a blog registry with a built in social network, and since you’re reading this, start with registering your site on it and review the premium options to see how they can benefit your blogging and marketing goals. Remember its the blogging community that makes your blog popular to start with, not social media.
  1. Follow and be followed; Like and be liked. You have to engage with bloggers to gain a following. Connecting with is part of how to gain a blog following. Be consistent with it, pop into your WordPress Reader and look for what’s being blogged within your niche. Remember, they’re on the same journey as you, and unlike social media, there’s a common interest to help each-other succeed. So, show your support and watch your number of followers grow.
  2. Content and comments. Creating engaging content drives for discussion in your comments section. Let’s go back to our boxing example. You can create a post about boxing matches you’d like to see, perhaps two controversial rivals. This simple opinionated post creates “engaging discussion“. Both readers and bloggers would be tempted to comment on your posts which is exactly what you want to achieve; Temptation for discussion. Now, when they do, be sure to answer them, and get involved in the conversation. Here’s a tip on how you make the best of the comments. Take the opportunity to promote your upcoming posts, or get inspiration for new posts from the feedback you receive. Regardless, be consistent in responding to your audience and consistently keep them looking forward to the next post.

The trick on how to increase followers for your blog is not complicated, you just need consistency in applying the fundamentals of blogging.

To recap, stick to the simple fundamentals of blogging to make your blog popular. Have goals, find a blog registry, and be sociable. Posts should be engaging to increase the opportunity of discussion. Your readers should therefore be driven to follow you as they look forward to your next post. Remember, balance your life, don’t let blogging take over because only by looking at the outside world will you get inspiration for your next post.