A message to WordPress followers from the Blog Registry at Beehighve!

The Blog Registry is peaking up steam

On behalf of Beehighve and its members, I’d like to thank everyone for the recent increase of WordPress followers and members added to the Beehighve blog registry. Our newest members have already taken advantage of the free features on the site including promoting products or site content. More importantly, each has seen more traffic to their sites and gained new followers as well.

Additionally, I am happy to see some awesome Profile-Cards which I invite you all to check out. On their Profile-Cards you’ll find a link to their sites as well as badges indicating what their categories of interests are. Some are posting amazing stories, sharing blogging knowledge, recipes, life advice, or simply making friends. So please come on by to www.beehighve.com and let’s encourage one-another to continue strong in our blogging journey.

Finally, I invite you all to join us and register your blog on Beehighve, create a Profile-Card, and make points and friends along the way. To learn more visit our Mission and About page.

Hope to see you all with a Profile-Card soon!


Jose Sanchez-Founder & Developer

Beehighve-The Blogging Colony