TraumaticEvent#3: Black Widow

“Random Tales of Terror, by Aaric Z. Rodriguez”

“You did it to yourself, useless boy…”

His mother’s old words echo like hateful ghosts in the back of his mind as he stands at the bus stop shivering in a torn up tee.

He couldn’t believe Stacy just left him here. No jacket, no phone …no wallet… “All my shit is in her fucking car! Stupid Bitch!!” he screams into the empty streets. “FUCKKK!!!”

He rubbed his arms and kicked a rock into the street. He didn’t understand why she was so angry. All because he was trying to be responsible?

He slumped onto the cold bench beside him. No busses run at this hour. No money.

“Fucking Cunt Bitch!!”

He’s not even sure he know where he is and no real way to get oriented without walking around randomly for a bit in each direction. such a nondescript area what the fuck!

He slaps at his face in frustration. “All because I didn’t have a fucking condom!!!”

Wait. It’s worse than that. She was insulted somehow.

She’s the one that wanted to be kinky and drive out to the middle of nowhere and fuck in the car. He was unprepared. Maybe that’s how she wanted it.

Things were pretty heavy when he realized and he was instantly disappointed as fuck, but he didn’t know what he said was gonna turn out like this!

“Awh fuck babe, I don’t have rubber, do you have any in the car?”

“No, but it’s okay! We’re a couple in love, …we don’t need it.”

He had pushed her away, but he’s sure he was gentle in his firmness.

“Nah, babe. This brother doesn’t play that way.”

She had attempted to climb back into his lap and laughed, “If you want to play, I can pay you to forget the protection.”

“No. Get off me please, I’m serious.”

She had sat back from him but not retreated and continued to speak playfully.

“I am serious too, I will pay you actual money to fuck me right now.”

Part of him feels insulted, but still he gently guided her back to the seat beside him.

“First of all, no amount of money can protect from the consequences of STD’s and pregnancy. Cool your jets, we can just dip back to the house and do shit right.”

“Nigga what!” Now she retreated as far from him as the backseat would allow. “STD’s? You saying I’m dirty or you are?”

“Neither, I’m saying I don’t want to play games with my body or risk bringing another oppressed life into this world right now.”

“Games!? I been asking you for a baby forever and it’s always the same bullshit! You just want all the fun and none of the responsibility!”

“That’s just the point isn’t it? I don’t want a kid I can’t support because I am still living on noodles and I do not want to be tricked into making one either. If that’s what this is, we need to just go home.”

“Home?!” She threw her suitcase of a purse at him, leaned over, and screamed directly into his face, “You have no home nigga!! Fuck you and get the fuck out of my car!”

At that, she had begun scratching, clawing, and kicking at him while ranting wild frantic sounds.
Finally escalating to her screaming, “Get the fuck out of my car before I call the cops, you dickless bastard!!!”

It wasn’t his car, he did get out, but he didn’t think she would actually leave him here. Why would she do that? Is she coming back? Mann! I’m not standing out here waiting for this bitch to come get me!!

Thankful that he at least has both boots on, he starts walking.