Back in the stone ages, yk when dino-steaks roamed —I wrote an article for school entitled ‘the lost children’ about living forgotten in america, more specifically in relation to being native american and mixed raced children who seem to have no place in america.

I got a D for failing to stick to the guidelines and missing the point of the race relations assignment.

Even then I knew it was the professor who missed the point, but to argue with ignorance is like talking to a closed door.

In fact the lecture and grade further proved my point and I knew I had struck some honest discord with my words.

No one says mixed kid but mixed kids.

Until 2005 we were still just other on any and all application forms.

GoverningBody programs were actually created to “breed us out” as some evil third race or vermin to be eradicated.

Fun to make, hard to break, reminder of evil’s “mistake”.

A curse, a burden.

In young adulthood, we are highly sought for one thing only:


you would make such pretty babies.

If you don’t want that, they don’t want you —and its over.

I cannot recount how many times I have had to explain my mixed race heritage and then defend against the “so your black right?”

Well no. I’m brown really.

But your black tho.


So your Mexican?


Oh righht you speak Spanish too I forgot your Dominican then.

Wow, thank you for the compliment, but no I’m not.

They just keep trying to wash us away as one thing or another as though they have never eaten a meal.

Yes. Thats beef. Thats cheese. That’s bread. And that is a burger.

Like… come on man.

I took the time to answer your questions as if you were actually interested in my specific, unique heritage –and then you just “ah that’s too complex”, and sweep me under whatever rug I look most like to you, as if I am not a person with a diversly rich heritage and cultural history.

Let’s start again, you say…

ugh. Okay.

I am Norse-Irish…

—oh haha I can totally see that!! -lolz

Oh, well now you know something about me that you can’t see —and I am done with this conversation save to say one thing to your special edition ass:

The genetic makeup that flows through me is vibrant and alive in my veins.

I am not either or.

I am and.