marvel vs stfu

I do not need anyone to tell what movies to like, how to like them, why to enjoy them, or how to enjoy them.

I am a fully-capable grown-ass man, who yes loves comics and manga, but no, does not need anyone to think symbyonically for him.

If a story is well written, with a plot or concept that interest me, I’ll watch it. or play the game…

If it is overblown and trite, I will know, and judge for myself, because I am a guy who loves movies…not just for being movies, but for excellent forms of artistic expression, the passing on of a mind and a voice, as well as the writing and creative presentation.

An “ugly scene” to a single critic, might be the exact raw message of the entire story line, and fx may detract too much from the audience experiencing the visceral connection that was originally intended to be envisioned.

For me, if even the whisper of the trailer is a hugely over-produced, self-serving ego-stroke fest?

Meh, I’ll see it when its free on streaming in a few years. There’s this great new film outta Norway I really gotta see tho…