Made Worthy

I was making notes in my phone, tried to type unworthy and unknowingly tapped spaced instead of n and typed u worthy.

First I thought, awh, sucks.

Then I thought.

Maybe when we feel unworthy we just need space from whatever is making us feel that way to realize we never stopped being worthy.

It’s easy to feel useless when everything around us is designed to drain us of everything and keep our inner selves locked away and isolated to the point that most of us are ever only seen in pieces, —when we are even seen at all, and then someone else chooses which pieces they like and stitches together the fabric that entraps their image of us into an unalterable form.

We try to fit the costume, but it’s uncomfortable because it wasn’t made for who we really are.

I have long lived afraid of never being heard and living with an unbefitting wardrobe.

Now I make my own fabrics to freely share the pieces of me discarded by other’s as unworthy and to live in a style that is suited to me.