Kingdom Shit

Hey, gotta clear the airspace with you real quickly. I asked, maybe even unfairly, that you share a heavy burden with me. Thank you for choosing to answer my pleas, tending to my wounds and propping me up with the promise I won’t have to continue to battle alone. If you have left absolutely anything unsaid with me, I don’t care what it is or how it comes out please let me hear it and never hold back again because we battle tested past that stage already, and niether of us is fragile or delicate.

With everything going on and all I know I still must do and endure, I can’t afford to have silent doubts in my spirit. Speak truth clearly and with love and I will accept it with the assumption of positive intent as you have so honorably earned.

My partially unspoken is only this, and please bear with me; To me the term dramatic implies acting, games, pretend, comedy overplayed for theatrical effect and/or an irrational or emotionally hysterical engagement in speech or actions that unnecessarily create conflict or an exaggeration of events to invoke response from others for personal gain.

That is what my personal experience has taught me. So when I hear that directed at me, and I’m not telling a fun story or casually shooting the shit, I feel dismissed like my very serious issues are being seen as entertainment or amusement for the recipient of my woes. I know from you this is not the intent, but that knowledge doesn’t change the meaning or the feeling of that word specifically in help me/hear me situations. I seek nothing from you but your friendship and your heart can already speak to you as to my character.
Tell me your perception and I will adjust mine to see the bigger picture.