Empowering Supporters

. Hungry? Tired? Worked nzanely hard on the content for your blog and want to publish it as a book? Also on a zero-sum budget? Yeah, I feel ya’. No worries, just call on #instascribe to get your epub ripped right. Their tools are easy to use and allow you to produce the beautiful result that you intended. Get over there while the Beta is still free cos I know air isn’t a calorie.

. No blog content cos you made it on the PC and printed as .pdf, but no book platforms will accept it? I got you here too Fam! Go to #cloudconvert.com. They allow to to convert practically anything into almost anything else….for the creative empowering price OF…Free.

. Want to actually get your book into the stores, but working totally alone w/o resources? Relax bro, I did the footwork and the testing for you! Check out these freedom-loving resources:

#StreetLib (got my very first book into #BarnesandNobles, #Kobo.com, and a 6 other major international booksellers!) 3WhoopsRating!!!
#Kobo.com (now, if you are looking for more print on demand, this is not the venue, but they will put your ‘normal’ books. I have not yet found a studio platform, if you find one, share with other creatives so they can eat too.)
GooglePlayBooks (it’s a little messy of a upload platform, and not really designed for developers, but once you get the hang, you’re in the hand of a lot of folks.)

. Using a QR code as your autograph and need it to be useable for mobile-marketing on all your printed and digital work? #umark. You can use a majority of the features that you really want anyway, for free, and if you have massive amount of content that you have generated in a short period of time like I did? It is totally worth it to purchase the Pro mode, if you have it to spare, cos then you can do a entire folders at once instead of 50 pieces at at time. They DO also gift a 14 day free trial to use the program in fully unlocked Pro mode, which is super generous out here and very helpful when you are a fast worker.

. Need a image modifying program with punch and don’t have time to learn a bible worth of tools cos your plate is empty now? #paint.net

. Oops! Microsoft Office subscription came up due and you had to cancel? Don’t panic. You know I got yo back! #jarte. Totally free and easy to use simple format. Warning, they said it themselves too, it does not handle image work well so what you need to do here is Insert>Object and then add, edit, modify your image in the pop up. That’s how you want it? close the popup and adjust on the page. It works and prints great after that. Multiple images to add? Copy the container you made, paste to a new page, double click the object to edit the image and the pop-up helper pops right back up.

. I would be remiss if I did not include #WordPress on this list, but ya’ll here, you seem to have figured that part out already.

. The #BrotherP-Touch is a wonderful full-color sticker printer and it’s editor program was made to perform however you need your shots to pop.

. HUGE shout-out to #HugePOD for providing a hundo-free platform to create my N’ZayneElement clothing line that very few people got to see because Square is not free and Shoplazza only offers a 7-day free trial, which is not enough when you only have 6 days to live. BUT HugePOD is FreedomFam for sure and they work really hard to respond and resolve issues with love, support, and encouragement. #eternalblessings on them.

Okay, I’m really tired now cos my plate is so empty its a door-stop.