I mind all my manners and I’m very polite.
You insult my character, just out of spite.

Girl you so cold there is more warmth on Hoth.

Yes, I’m a nerd.
I also dig Goth.
Then I dress out uptown and enjoy me some Bach.

You said 20 minutes.
It’s been another 20 past that.

Hurry up, tick tock.
Places to go.

I made reservations and you stressin’ my flow.

You keep sayin’ “just a minute”
but I made these plans weeks ago.

You want me to acknowledge all you are and all you do.
Yup. You’re brave, you’re bold.

I offered you silver,
You said “Why not gold?”

I remove all obstacles, give you my jacket, and open world doors
You can’t even mutter “thank you”, and insult my pores.

I give you my warmth and kiss your head
You say it’s too hot and kick me out of bed.

“Let’s have a baby!”
Oh, yeah, sure, great!
I’m in over my head and super stressed out
If I refuse to agree, now my love is in doubt?

Sure fine!
More pain for the hours!

“They’re so cute and tiny!”
Yes. Small, bite-sized, and easier for you to devour.

I must enjoy these kicks to the head
if I bother to stick around.

I paint on a grimace to cover my frown, as she traps all my thoughts in lead.

She smiles at me, and I swear I wish I were dead.