Speeking Freely

an open mic epic burn down

Please forgive my anxiety, if I struggle to get through.
A little bit of patience is all I need from you.

See, if my thoughts feel like bullets, then I must be the gun
So let’s pull my trigger and get this shit done.

They say I’m smart, yeah I got the brains
but I don’t come running when I hear my name.
I ain’t no lackey and I don’t play games.

I don’t rise to the top
I was always number one.

Yes, I roll up the green and I fold all my papers
but, No, I’m not worried ’bout running on vapors.

When my smoke burns out, I simply reload.
I eat when I’m hungry, and I don’t verbose.

My words are so clear that you don’t need a code.
My stars are so strong that they’ll never explode.

Yeah, I’m a UXO.

Now truth be bold,
I am tired of growing old
and Never moving off the same figurative road
Living only how I’m told
With nothing to have and nothing to hold.

All I ever wanted was a different view
Instead, I got the native brew
What’s bitter to me, seems sweet to you
but I’m tired from lifetimes of fighting while you’re still looking for something to do.

Then they turn to me and shout:
“Stay positive”
Just sock it.
You ain’t walking in my shoes, don’t knock it.

I asked for a friend and you cinched up your face like I asked you to come outta pocket.
If you aint tryna hear me, just lock it.

You plot so smug, trying to pull up my rug
With each passing day, you’ve got a new way to “crush me like a bug”

You think you’re wise.
You think you’re incredible.
The views you spew just must be indelible.

but Your recycled toxic isn’t bold.
When put to the test, even your strongest points fold.
You’re just a simpleton, doing what your told, cos your scared of the scold,
Spoutin’ their shit and calling it gold.

Have you ever lived your life?
Do you know pain and endless strife?
Or own a life that just won’t get right?
Like fucked if you do, and fuck if you’re damned to the night, right?

Talking to them and I need my time back
Space and a breath to rewind my track
Put on my robes and take back what’s mine, Jack.

Cos my mind is free and my soul is invincible
I wake up to shine, just on principle.
You might not see me past your divisible’s,
but I burn too bright to ever be invisible.

and I know you don’t see what makes me shine
So you bitch, and you whine, and you steal my time
Tryna take my shit and change my mind…

but Everything I have, I earned, it’s mine.

Great. Glad.
We had this talk and I’ll be fine.
if You come back at me, then you must be blind…

Cos I may seem gentle, but I’ll make you pay
When I near dark corners, I make them fade.

I don’t waste words, I just bring the bug spray.

Now, after all this broken silence,
you might find yourself wondering.
who the hell even is this dude?

Well my name is sacred so don’t be rude
and if you want to know my soul
simply listen true, to my lonely point of view.

If you need something to call me,
you can use my official title:

I am the Dragon
King of the Fallen
You might not see us coming
but can you hear my people calling.

Out from the misery
hoping for some bit of relief.

Forced to live in silence,
ready to roar…
but praying our lives wont end in someone else’s violence.
while others turn blind eyes to our horrors, that’s where the crime is.

and Violence isn’t always a knife or a gun.
it has no friends, it’s a lonely son.

Violence is the control they forcibly take
while you try sleeping but lie worried awake.

or They steal your life with words and charm
then take turns on your body at doing harm.

Violence is being made too weak to speak
from insults and heartbreak,
those traumatic beats…
and the Constant terror of the damage they wreck.

The life they leave you is none at all
and then some random says,
“but it’s your life, your call.”

Wait. Hold up.
Who are you?
Excuse me…

Where were you when it all went down?

Oh yeah! That’s right!

Simply nowhere the fuck around.

Now I wanna say shut up,
but please
be quiet.

The quality of your advice,
if used in my real life?
You talking real strife,
Cos that shit would start a riot
and not even the corner bluey would buy it.

Yes I know, the loss of control just gives you the blues
but you have your own life,
why you want mine too?

Like damn, G
How many do you want?
How many do you need?
One is all I’m asking for,
how needy can you be?

If you can’t earn the extra
Please don’t steal it offa me.

I did my time
You hear my rhyme.

I spend sleepless moments
turning my life chaos into poems.

My tracks are mastered golden
Even though nobody knows them.

I speak about the future like it’s already the past
For my mind real,
it’s already done, Son.

Cos, I was running the numbers when you saw me:
“sitting on my ass”

I don’t waste the gas.
Cos I ain’t too good 4 walkin’.

Yea, I’ll be done and outta of here
and you’ll still be there talkin’.