Pretty Steppin’? …I Think Not!

I never understood the obssesion that some people have about feet.

Feet. The most hideous, most abused, least cared for part of the entire human body — and second largest tracker of disease and filth.

Why would anyone put those things anywhere near a face is completely beyond me.

“Cute feet”, my ass. Keep them away from me.

To me the only ‘pretty’ feet belong to baby animals, baby humans, and those who have lived an extremely well-served and pampered life.

As for the rest of the feet:

Take your shoes off before entering my home, but please leave your socks on.
If you must remove your socks…there is a washing station for feet by the door. {…and guest flip flops.}
DO NOT use your feet to touch me in ANY way! (*if its the only way to save my life — let me die. please.)