Help from Bloggers: You!

A little help from bloggers is all it takes for Beehighve to become the largest blog registry

That means, we need your help by to registering your blog on Beehighve. Our mission is to build a trusted blog registry recognized by its commitment of supporting its members and the overall blogging community. As part of that mission, Beehighve provides ways to help you grow your followers, network with other bloggers, and market your brand.

Check out these 4 essential elements in Beehighve that we’ve put together to help you succeed as a blogger and help grow the Beehighve Colony

A Profile-Card– This is a way for you to showcase your blog, social media, and interests to other members of the community. It’s also a great way to promote your blog and connect with other bloggers.

  • You can include a link to your blog
  • You can include links to your social media accounts
  • You can include an avatar and cover image
  • Display category badges to show others your niche
  • Track your points to stay you at the top of the member’s list
  • Easily identify bloggers and connect with them

Posting on Beehighve– This is a great way to gain points to help you stay at the top of the member’s list. Your posts can gain you recognition, followers, feedback, and drive traffic to your site.

  • Compose a new post for free– This option is great to tell members about yourself, your blog, or your latest posts on your home website. Also helps gain followers for your blog.
  • With our low cost premium options, you can automatically share posts from your website to the Beehighve blog roll. Drive traffic to your site by setting up the posts with link-backs to your site. Check our low cost options to learn more. 

Posting helps keep your Profile-Card active, gain points, badges, and earn rewards. It’s essential to keep your Profile-Card at the top of the member’s list and be recognized as an active blogger.

Collect badges for your Profile-Card and be recognized for your niche and gain easy points. 

Fitness badges for sports, yoga, weight loss bloggers

Badges are free to gain and are a great way to network with bloggers and drive traffic to your profile. The more of them you have, the more curious others will be to connect with you.

Use your own logo and make it available for others to earn on their Profile-Card. It’s a unique and cool marketing strategy. Check out our premium Marketing Options to learn more.

Blue Falcon Co. Badge

Benefits summary

Be easily recognized

Profile-Cards for your blog
Everything you need to be recognized in in a single display.

Drive traffic to your site

Easy to post and share blogs
Free or low cost options to post on the blogging colony, gain points, and keep your Profile-Card at the top of the list.

Grow new followers

Collect category badges and attract people to your personal blog. Turn your own logo into a badge with our premium marketing options.