Three ways to grow your blog for free with Beehighve

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Whether you’re starting a personal blog or you’re a seasoned brand owner, the mission will always be to grow your blog and increase traffic to your site. Beehighve helps you do that with several options available for free.

Your Profile-Card sets you apart from the rest

Set up a Profile-Card that identifies your blog, social media, and your topics of interests.

Your blog’s Profile-Card should be attractive with the goal to drive people to interact with you or click on your home website, so be sure to add your sites url in your settings page. Remember, the goal here is to grow your blog and increase traffic to your site, so be sure to make that infuriation readily available to click on.

Grow your blog by posting about it for free

Your latest blog or your newest product deserve to be promoted and marketed. Use Beehighve’s post builder and select any of the available categories that best fit your blog’s activity or interests. You can announce upcoming brand campaign, teaser’s of next week’s cooking recipes, or a “stay tuned” to the next chapter of your short story. Everyone on Beehighve will see your post and meta info, such as author and categories, thus making it easier to connect with your Profile-Card and increase traffic to you blog.

Setup an RSS feed with posts that route readers back to your site

With Beehighve’s smart RSS feed, you can have the option to route users to your site. Simply enter your RSS url and select the category and tags that best fit your website. Now every time you publish a new post on your home site, a link to it will be automatically created on Beehighve. This feature will import a link to your latest post every 24 hours. Again, the goal is to grow and increase your community of followers, so why would’t you use this free feature to help you get there?

Other options for growing your blogging colony

  • As a member of Beehighve, you have other paid options available to help promote your blog.
  • You can create a brand loyalty campaign and reward your followers with your logo to show on their Profile-Card.
  • Increase the update rate of your RSS feed from 24 hours, to every 12, 6, 3 or hourly.
  • Use a combination of both of these options to maximize your potential to increase traffic to your blog. Contact Beehighve to discuss options and pricing.