Badges for cooking bloggers now on Beehighve!

Cooking is an art and Beehighve is rewarding cooking bloggers with a badge collection for their Profile-Card. Whether your blogging about recipes, decorating your dinner table, or selling kitchen products, Beehighve is here to help. Promote anything culinary happening on your own website and automatically start collecting these unique Badges exclusive for cooking bloggers.

Baking badges

Like to turn heads with decorative cakes and pies? Then tell everyone on Beehighve what’s going on in your baking blog. Do you have a new cupcakes recipe you feel is the best in the world? Then the more you promote your blog or hook it to an RSS feed on Beehighve, the more badges and points you’ll earn on your Profile-Card.

Carnivores and Vegetarians, who will earn the most badges?

The fight between good and evil never ends, and neither does it end for meat eaters and vegetarians. It’s a healthy competition at Beehighve!

Tell the Colony about your latest culinary masterpiece posted on your blog and drive traffic to your website. There they can learn about your skills in handling the steak knife and some spices, while on your Beehighve Profile-Card you’ll earn recognition for your blogging interests.

How about our green friends? Beehighve didn’t forget about you.

Get to the top of the food chain by promoting your most refreshing and healthy recipes and earn surprise badges and treats along the way.

Stay motivated until your part of the best cooking blogs on the web!

You started with your cooking skills of course, then you decided to share them with the world on social media, but that wasn’t big enough for you. So, you started a blog, and now you need to make it part of the best cooking blogs out there. Beehighve can help you reach that goal. With a few strategies and some consistency you can drive more traffic to your Blog. Start by creating an account with your blog information as the focus of your profile. Then fill out your details, website, social media and more. And simply, start promoting your blog for free on Beehighve. Want to extend the reach of your blog posts? then set up an RSS on Beehighve to help drive traffic to you site. Connect with others of similar interests and expand your network. All of these activities will earn you recognition badges right on your Profile-Card and help you stay on top of the member’s list.

Even more culinary badges coming!

From recognizing cultural chefs, to earning surprise rewards for your culinary posts, your passion is rewarded at Beehighve. And there’s more in the works for the cooking bloggers. Stay in the know with the Beehighve App to get notified of upcoming rewards or other activities in the colony. There’s always ways to promote your blog for free at Beehighve. And if you like what you see and want more out of the highve then Contact Beehighve to find out about the Brand Loyalty programs available.