Blogging strategies require persistence to extend your audience

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So you have a functioning blog and now you need to reach your target audience. Well, like any business ready to grow and take over the world, you first need strategies to reach them and extend your customer base. Blogging strategies can vary, there’s no “right” strategy, so first clear your head from any fear of making mistakes. Your strategy options are simply strongly based on your persistence to consistently target the audience you’re trying to gain. These persistent strategies may consist of several approaches at different stages of your blogging experience.

Applying persistence in blogging strategies

For beginners it is best that you focus on a single category and tag for your posts during a period of time. In other words, narrow down your subject to help you practice the importance of key-word utilization along with your SEO implemetnation. During this time of practecing and learning, be consistent about the selected point. Improve your blogging skills using just that point for one to three months, depending on how much your blogging.

For example, assume you want to blog about Cooking Recipes from Master Chef, that’s a broad point and can take you in multiple directions. Instead narrow it down to cooking recipes for a certain ingredient, like cooking with carrots.

Having then selected a focal point, you can now bring together consistant images, paragraphs, and headings to your posts. Most importantly be sure to follow the SEO guideline and establishing outer links that can help target a selected audience. Along the way use tags, such as #MasterChef to show your interest in that original topic.

The importance during this period of exploration is to be persistent in connecting your posts to people seeking your expertise. As you do so, look at the outside world for opportunities to broaden your audience. For instance, think about other topics associated with carrots. You might one day blog about where carrots are grown, another day about Easter carrot cake recipes, and so on. That persistence, on that single topic, can build your skills as a blogger, and along the way improve your ability to observe the world for your blogging needs.

Look out for carrots

If you’re a blogger you have to observe the world for opportunities of inspiration. Sure, we can sit and write about steps in developing your blogging strategies, but that would be useless without knowing how to find inspiration. Inspiration comes from simply being watchful of your immediate surroundings.

Earlier, two out-of-the-box blogging examples were suggested. One was about the process of growing carrots, and the other about Easter recipes. But you might also get additional inspiration by observing the outside world. Walking by a Sunglass Hut store at the mall could inspire you to write about the health benefits carrots have on vision, for example. The point is, that being observant will give you a range of topics to post about. Therefore, once you have a category and tag of focus then be persistent, observant, and seek inspirational ideas for it.

Before long you will be overwhelmed with all the ideas that pop into your head. So be sure that you are ready to jot down notes. Carry a pocket book and a pencil to ensure you don’t miss any ideas that can help you create a new post. Note taking material is an essential part of your blogging tool kit, just like an artist carries a sketch pad.

Networking is essential, and what better place for it than Beehighve-The Blogging Colony

If you’re not using Beehighve as part of your growth strategy then you’re missing a good opportunity. Be sure to connect with other bloggers in your category of interest, set up an RSS feed back to your website, create a great Profile-Card including all of your social media links, and stay active to rank high within the Colony. And, don’t forget to download the app from Google Play and the Apple Store.

Sketch out strategies to grow your audience

As initially said, there is no right or wrong strategy to expand your audience. But like any other marketing plan, in order to promote your blog you have to take notes and sketch out ideas. Certainly having a host and a URL to run a website are essential, however those aren’t tools for strategizing. Strategic notes can include outer links for your SEO implementation plan, or a list of acquaintances who can forward a post. Perhaps emailing influencers or attending a blog conference might need to be in the plan. Write down what worked and what didn’t. So, use your notes, come back to them, and be persistent in following through on the ideas you write down.

Ideas on paper do not magically turn to action

Don’t just rely on a WordPress theme and a Yoast SEO plugin to maximize your audience. You need to go the extra mile and turn your notes and vision into action. Your persistence should drive inspiration, your notes are a guideline, and your determination leads to action. Those actions include following up on your notes. Similarly, your determination might drive you into researching outside-the-box ideas so that your posts can stand out from the rest. Whatever it takes do it, take action and be persistent and committed to your blogging strategies.