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Whether you’re blogging about news, politics, fitness, or entertainment, Beehighve is the place where all bloggers should be registered. Beehighve is where people find bloggers to get the best information on various topics and interests. Sleek in its design, visitors can easily identify bloggers for their passion and interests. In short, if you’re running a blog, Beehighve should be part of your strategic plans to increase followers and promote your platform.

Beehighve provides ways to help your number of followers grow

People are trying to find bloggers like you in an ocean of social media or online searches…forget that! All of the things you can benefit from with Beehighve are free when you create an account. Because of its simple design, members can focus on using Beehighve as part of their growth strategy while building and maintaining their own site. With sleek profile-cards, smart reward and recognition system, and a mobile app, Beehighve is sure to help maximize your growth potential and goals.

Register your blog and get smart technology for your growth strategy

Smart options to integrate with your blogging growth strategy that includes personalized profile-cards, an easy-to-post interface, and simple RSS submission technology that can drive visitors back to your website. It’s that simple!

Stay active and rank high

The more active you are, the higher you’ll rank in points, badges, rewards, or within the sorting of member profiles. As the colony of bloggers, Beehighve’s smart technology is built to ensure that visitors safely and easily recognize profiles that meet their needs. So if you don’t have any activity your profile-card will not be displayed and eventually fall to the bottom of our search list. Its how Beehighve maximizes blogger credibility to ensure the best end-user experience for visitors and members.

Connect with other competative minds

Professional Bloggers compete at Beehighve!

It’s a healthy competition at Beehighve. As an example, if you’re running a fitness site, and want to be found easily by ranking high in a search result, then stay active on Beehighve, keep your RSS feed current, and earn points with friends, followers, or simply by updating your profile. Strategize and stay ahead of your competition on Beehighve. Be noticed for your passions such as yoga or weight loss, and be inspirational on your own site, while using Beehighve in your strategic approach towards promoting your blog and ensuring you’re ranking as high as possible in search results.

Professional Bloggers

Free benefits for blogging professionals

Drive traffic to your site

Easily post updates or use RSS
Easy to post platform; Use an attractive image, snippets from your latest work, and select the right topic. Add an RSS feed that’s updated weekly to keep you active and listed high in the Blogging Colony

Grow new followers

Build a network in Beehighve
Tap into the network of bloggers and readers who share the same interests, add friends, and make them part of your colony.

Be easily recognized

Rewards and badges
Your activities and passions are rewarded with points, badges, and more. The more you collect the more you attract people to your personal blog.

Advertise on Beehighve

Additionally, Beehighve has advertising opportunities for your personal blog or product. Contact Beehihgve for more details.