You can do more for your blog on Beehighve

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Do more for your blog with all the free ways to promote it on Beehighve. Take advantage of a personalized Profile-Card with social medial links, to a space for posting and promoting your blog. Best of all, Beehighve’s smart-rewards system helps identify your profile, while the points earned keep you at the top of the members list.

In addition to free options, there are low cost brand loyalty program to maximize your marketing strategy. Beehighve’s unique branding options include badges of your choice for followers to earn on their Profile-Cards. This engaging feature can be customized several ways including earning your selected badge by clicking on links to your store.

Maximize your blog exposure with an RSS feed

Beehighve helps take your RSS feed to a different level. Not only can you post on your site, but it will also post automatically on Beehighve.

The difference between auto posting here vs. other social media platforms is that on Beehighve, you’re rewarded for it. Auto posting helps you earn points to stay at the top of the members list. Similarly, you can easily earn category badges right on your Profile-Card to help others easily recognize your passions and interests. Most importantly, in order to increase traffic to your blog you need to maximize the reach of your posts; Beehighve’s RSS smart feed helps you achieve that.

Ready to do more for your blog?

Start by creating a Beehighve profile, use your blog or brand logo as the profile picture, and fill out the social media links. It’s that simple. To start earning post and rate higher in the member’s list simply stay active on Beehighve.

Do more and earn more

You can post to promote your blog, services, or business, make friends, change your background photo, and visit other profiles of similar interests. All those activities and more help you earn points and badges to keep you listed at the top. To learn more check out the About or Professional Bloggers page.