The best way to promote your blog on Beehighve

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There’s lots of ways to promote your blog, and then there’s the Beehighve way. Easy, fast, and even automatically with an RSS feed and a great Profile-Card. So, let’s get started. 

  1. Create an account with your blog name set as the display name.
  2. Use your brand logo as your avatar or cover image for your Profile-Card.
  3. Jazz up your Profile-Card. Fill out your blog information including your website URL and social media info. This will appear in your Profile-Card.
  4. Start promoting your blog by posting about your latest actives and why they should check out your site.
    • When posting about your blog be sure to select a category associated with your brand so you can earn a Profile-Badge that will help you easily get noticed for your interests.

And that’s it, once your profile is set up the promotional posts and other activities will help you rank high, earn rewards, and gain brand recognition. However, Beehighve offers even more to help you automate the posting process by using the power of RSS feeds.

Create your RSS feed and use it with Beehighve

RSS feeds are a great way to help you automatically post on Beehighve. If you already have a plugin that helps you create RSS URLs then you’re almost there. If you don’t, then look for a plugin or developer who can help you create an RSS URL to drop right into Beehighve. Once approved, you can then watch your posts automatically feed right into the Beehighve blog and start earning points and badges without even trying. After all, if you already have Facebook or Twitter synching from your website, then take the additional step to also promote on Beehighve.

Once you have it, copy and paste it into Beehighve’s RSS feeder and every time you post on your website, you’ll also automatically post into Beehighve. That method of automation will automatically credit you with points and badges that will identify you for the content you cover on your Profile-Card. It’s that simple.