Branding your blog on Behighve

Word writing text Brand Loyalty. Business photo showcasing positive feelings to a brand and purchase the same product

Branding your blog is an important component for your website, it essentially represents your hard work in a single image. But then, what do you do with it? Well, you use it on Beehighve to promote your blog. Beehighve has a unique way to help you attain brand loyalty. Therefore, if you don’t have a brand loyalty strategy then don’t panic, Beehighve is here to help you develope one.

Why branding your blog is important

When you hear about branding or marketing, you immediately think about the high costs of that part of the business. However a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be costly so long as you use the right platform to get you started. One of those platforms is here, on Beehighve-The Blogging Colony. Because Beehighve is dedicated to helping the blogging community grow, it makes it simple to promote your brand. Follow these three easy steps to get started.

  1. Use your brand image as your Profile-Card avatar
  2. Go to profile settings and fill out your Profile-Card information
  3. Make your brand image a badge to earn on Beehighve

Your brand image as a Beehighve badge

You read that right, your brand image can easily be setup as a badge to earn on Beehighve. Several options are available that can help you get started.

Brand Loyalty Badge

Users can click on a link to your website and automatically earn your badge right on their Profile-Card

Brand Loyalty Challenge

Set your brand image for users to earn when they add a new post about your brand

Limited Time Badge

For those who want followers to collect special badges offered for a limited time only 

Branding Campaign

Brand loyalty and Brand loyalty challenge plus your brand shown on nearly every page

Brand images for loyal followers
You post, they click, and you brand image is set on their Profile-Cards

Find out more about the ways Beehighve makes it easy to get your brand promoted and gain additional followers. To set up your brand image as a badge for members to earn contact Beehighve.