The Klaro Military Humidor

The Military is known for ruggedness and elegant traditions and incredibly, Klaro humidors by Case Elegance, produced a humidor that brings them both together. The craftsmanship of The Klaro Military Edition Humidor makes it worthy of being displayed front-and-center in any home. It’s simplicity on the outside, gunmetal latches, OD green, and internal woodwork are truly exceptional; A perfect balance that embodies military tradition and class.

The tank of all humidors

The Klaro Military Humidor is truly built like a tank and you’ll realize it as soon as you break open the shipping box.

It’s weight, size, and OD green will be the first things you’ll compliment as you pad yourself in the back for making the purchase. The attention to detail in this build is incredible. A perfect balance of gunmetal gripping its corners, latches securely fastening it, and rough texture covered in Military green all come together in complete precision.

Given its sheer size and magnetic appearance, your wife will likely ask “what the hell is that?”. So you’ll have to prepare to admit that you just stepped-up your game as a cigar smoker and doubled your military pride. Telling her to “carry-on” is probably not a good answer. So, be sure to lay it on her easy and let her walk away shaking her head. At that point, you can proceed with the mission. The next step is the seasoning process and then lock-and-load with some fine rounds of cigars.

The Klaro team moves like a well oiled machine

From the CEO of Case Elegance, Michael Slate, and the customer support team at Klaro, the quality of their customer care is equal to that of their craftsmanship. Every inquiry is quickly addressed by one of the team members. However, an inquiry is hardly needed thanks to the collection of video instructions and blog posts on their website. For each humidor a video is available with out-of-the-box start up instructions. Nonetheless, should you need their support, you’ll be responded to quickly. In addition, the team also ensures you have everything you need for a great experience including an annual membership of supplies for a very good price.

The Klaro membership experience

The Case Elegance membership is the best way to maximize the care of your humidor. With their annual membership, you’ll be supplied with everything you need to keep your cigars fresh. Equally available is the Klaro monthly cigar membership, that’s probably the more important part of course. That membership provides a steady tasting experience from new brands to the established notable ones like Cohiba, Oliva, and Davidoff. Just be sure to choose the right package option between mild, full, or variety. Regardless of what membership you sign up for, their attention to details is present even in the packaging used for shipping. You’ll look forward to the monthly arrival in a classy blacked-out package. The first package will even include a note that reads “welcome to the Klaro family”. It’s really a nice touch to the already safe and nice branding on the box.

Hosting with a Klaro Military Edition Humidor on hand

For those of you who like hosting, the Military Humidor will not go unnoticed. As previously mentioned, it deserves a front-and-center display location to intrigue your guests. Once they approach it and look over the glass top, be ready to take in the surprise look on their face. Some will smile at how cool it is, while others will stare at you in disbelief at how clever a purchase you made. At a glance, its truly unexpected for it to be a humidor therefore giving it more of a shock-and-awe factor as you present the content inside. Everyone will remember it towards the end of the night, and if they’re good friends, they’ll gift you additional cigars the next time they come around.

So be sure to keep your Military Humidor, “The Tank”, locked-and-loaded with rounds of freshly maintained cigars. Check out these clips of its arrival, and don’t forget the bourbon!

The arrival and startup
Final Steps