Increase traffic to your blog

The questions new bloggers always ask themselves is how to increase traffic to your blog for free? A good Profile-Card on Beehighve can help increase traffic to your blog by building it up with badges and points. The best way to do that is to continuously promote your website by posting snippets of your content on Beehighve. And with our smart-post submission forms you’ll automatically be rewarded with points and badges associated with the category you selected. If you don’t see a category option that’s of interests to you contact Beehighve with a request to create it for free.

Create a great Beehighve Profile-Card

Your Profile-Card is the best tool to increase traffic to your blog or brand. Once you create a profile, be sure to fill out your profile details, update your avatar, and set a cover photo. In particular, you want to add your website and social media information. That information will be displayed on your Profile-Card or Info tab so people can know how to connect with your blog.

RSS feeds are also a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

Beehighve makes it easy to add an RSS feed that allows your posts to connect into your Beehighve profile. The posts will automatically appear in the Beehighve blog roll once a week. There are also paid options that increase the refresh rate of your RSS feed to bring in content more frequently. A good strategy with RSS can help you consistently rank high and maximize your points and badges. Contact Beehighve to find out more about RSS and paid options that benefit your brand strategy goals.

Learn more about RSS feeds here

The more you post, the more you’ll increase traffic to your website

Ultimately, the more you promote your site on Beehighve the higher you’ll rank. Ranking high will give you creditability as an active blogger within the categories and topics you cover. A good strategy using Beehighve will help you get found easier as people search for bloggers that cover their topics of interests; It’s much easier to ensure you get noticed than with a Google search. Just stay active, post a snippet of your best content from your home website, and add information about your blog or brand to your profile.

Marketing options with Beehighve

Beehighve has exclusive paid options to promote your site or brand. Unlike other social media sites, Beehighve actually focuses on brand loyalty. With its groundbreaking smart-reward options, Profile-Card badges is a new unique way to make a positive impression on your followers. Use the Contacts page to find out more.