Beehighve sponsors FIERCE in the city 6

GLENDALE, CO - DECEMBER 12: Fierce in the City 5 at Infinity Park Event Center on December 12, 2021 in Glendale, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

Beehighve is proud to sponsor  FIERCE In The City 6, a fashion show being produced by Salwa Owens in Denver Colorado.

Salwa is a dedicated fashion and business entrepreneur who, over the years, has built her own brand and has become a spokesperson for empowering women to succeed. Her fashion show, FIERCE, is a testament of where her priorities lie as a human being. For six years the FIERCE fashion events have helped raise money for the Go Save A Life Foundation, a none profit dedicated to helping people in need of organ transplants. And once again Salwa is bringing the runway, lights, and music to Denver for a charitable night of fun!

Beehighve takes off the runway with FIERCE

As Beehighve ramps up exposure across the blogging community, it selected to sponsor FIERCE In The City 6, for its debut. With Salwa’s fearless grip on life and producing a show with a powerful name, it only made sense for Beehgihve to be equally fearless in stepping into the limelight. With the fashion industry’s network of influencers, visionaries looking to break into the industry, and the multitude of bloggers posting fashion reviews, it made strategic sense to choose FIERCE as the first sponsorship investment for the brand.

The hope is that this event serves as a staging ground for promoting Beehighve’s continuous commitment to helping bloggers and brands to have a place where they can easily be found by the public. The more members Beehighve acquires, the better the experience will be for people seeking out experts in a particular category or topic, such as fashion. And with Beehighve’s unique profile-cards, simple search options, points system, and the ability for bloggers to share or promote their latest ideas or products for free, its sure to benefit both visitors and members as time goes on.

A special gift from Beehighve-The FIERCE loyalty badge

As a tribute to this partnership, Beehighve has a limited time badge to add to member profile-cards. Simply click on any of the links associated with FIERCE to add the badge to your collection.

A message from Beehighve’s founder…

A special thanks goes out to The Original Blue Falcon Co. for quickly delivering promotial gifts for FIERCE attendees on behalf of Beehighve. And of course, to Salwa, her staff, models, and DJ for giving Beehighve the opportunity to sponsor and embark into what is a very competitive tech and blogging world. I look forward to connecting and strengthening Beehighves mission of becoming the leading registry for bloggers and entrepreneurs across a spectrum of topics and categories. It is only with your support that Beehighve will be able to deliver a user experience that is beneficial to both members and the public.

Thank you!

Jose Sanchez-Beehighve Founder and Developer