Custom branding by The Original Blue Falcon Co.

Sending special thanks to The Original Blue Falcon Co. for the shirts made for Beehighve. The shirts will be gifted to special guests attending the FIERCE In The City 6 fashion show being held in Denver Colorado. Beehighve is proud to be a sponsor for a good cause and FIERCE is turning on the lights on its electrifying runway to raise money for the #gosavealifefoundation.

For this special event, Beehighve partnered with Blue Falcon to put together a subtle gift for VIPs and other guests. The undertaking by Blue Falcon was excellent including the mockup process, samples options provided, and timely delivery of the final product. It was truly a professional delivery on their part.


As a special tribute and recognition, Beehighve members can now earn the Blue Falcon Brand Loyalty Badge by clicking on any link to the Blue Falcon website, including posts or images. So be sure to check them out for any custom apparel or marketing needs and earn your Blue Falcon Badge with Beehighve-The blogging Colony!

Show off your Blue Falcon gear and earn a colored badge!

Visit the All Rewards page or click compose on the Beehighve menu options, to earn this exclusive colorful badge on your profile-card!