Promote your brand with Beehighve

As a blogger or product owner you must be asking yourself, how can I promote my brand? Well, Beehighve is going beyond recognition of topics of interests, members can also be recognized for brand loyalty with your logo right on their profile-cards. With a unique way to promote your brand on Beehighve, making your logo a badge to earn is a fun way to connect with your followers.

Fun ways to promote your brand and reward your followers

Brand loyalty rewards

How members can earn a badge of your logo

  • Clicking on a designated link to your blog or store
  • Composing a post on Beehighve to review or show of gear purchased from your store
  • Or simply for visiting your profile

Contact Beehighve to set up a brand loyalty strategy that best works for you and reward your followers or shoppers with a badge of your logo to show off right on their profile.