How to promote my blog?

Simple, with Beehighve- The Blogging Colony!

Beehighve-The Blogging Colony, is where people go to easily find bloggers across a variety of topics. With a unique and fun way of distinguishing each registered blogger, Beehighve is sure to provide both visitors, and its members, with an engaging experience that will keep them coming back.

How to find bloggers on Beehighve?

Recognize each blogger’s passion or expertise right from their profile-card.

Badges on profile-cards are earned from the post categories a blogger selects. The more badges in their collection, the more they are engaged in their topics of interest and are therefore likely to have a good personal blog for visitors to follow.

Points earned indicate how active and engaging a blogger is.

A blogger earns points from various activities on Beehgihve including profile updates, number of followers, number of views, posts, likes, and much more.

Visitors can find blogs by topics or categories, such as Fitness or Fashion.

By default, the list of bloggers from search results is sorted by highest points. So visitors immediately get the most engaging bloggers when searching experts in a particular topic.

Visitors can also create a profile and connect with their favorite bloggers, follow them, visit their home site, or simply get answers to what you’re looking for right on Beehighve-The Blogging Colony.

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