Beehighve App on Google Play and the Apple Store

Google App Store

Looking forward to the strategic goals of 2022, Beehighve has officially launched on both Google Play and the Apple Store for users to download and join the fun.

While Beehighve still has much to grow, launching the Beehighive App is a huge step towards engaging users and encouraging a new form of social connectivity. Additionally, the app will better support a competitive atmosphere and help members connect with others of similar interests. So, if you haven’t already, download the Beehighve app through Google Play or the Apple Store then invite others to join. The Beehighve App will take new registered users through a quick tour to help them get started and then get busy working like a bee.

Note that Beehighve will continue to block fake accounts from being visible on the Members list as much as possible. In addition, Beehighve will make it easy to recognize dormant profiles so members can better engage with users who are active.

Above all, we’ll make every effort to ensure a non-invasive advertisement experience by limiting automatic banners and pop-ups.

To learn more about Beehighve visit the About page. For advertisement opportunities visit the Contact page.