Conservation Badge: Sign Up At Beehighve

The Conservation Badge will soon be awarded for a limited time. Sing up at and get ready to post photos and stories of your conservation efforts for a chance to earn our upcoming badge. Rules will be published in just a few days and will be associated with how you help keep our natural world alive and healthy.

Beehighve strongly believes in supporting and promoting conservation efforts and we want to give you a place to share your story. To show our appreciation we will award you with a small token, but most importantly you’ll get a chance to expand your message, share your pictures, and connect with others of similar interests and experiences. While we would like you to collect as many badges as possible, the Conservation Badge is one that is dear to our hearts and we hope many will earn it. The more earners, the more symbolic it would be of our collective contribution to help our natural planet from dying out. So spread the word, sign up, and Keep It Moving!

If you’re interested in advertising or promoting your conservation and environmental efforts and campaigns, Beehighve would like to hear from you. Use the Contact page to receive additional details.