The Mandalorian: Celebrating Funko’s Stock Price Increase

In celebration of Funko’s stock price increase after a great earnings call, I have purchased the much sought after The Mandalorian With The Child POP collector #380. It’s much bigger than I originally anticipated, actually I expected the traditional 6” size version and hoped to display it with the few others I own. Regardless, for $45 I feel I got my money’s worth.

Spend Your Stimulus Check The Smart Way

Speaking of money, the whole reason for the purchase was non other than to celebrate a great earnings call for $FNKO stock. It’s price had an increase of 11% in after hours trading and held that true into Friday’s trading day. Unfortunately short sellers will likely cash out on the gain Monday morning but I’m holding this stock long with a price target of $30 before selling it; hopefully will get there sooner rather than later of course.

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