California COVID-19 cases: Less infections or less testing?

Number of COVID cases lowered by super site closure COVID Super-Testing site ends testing: Data from L.A. County PHD

Or are politics playing out as COVID infections decrease?

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Regardless, COVID infections are real, but fortunately the data indicates that the number of California COVID-19 cases are going down. The L.A. County Department of Health charts indicate three shifting points.

Covid Positive from L.A. PHD

  1. COVID infections due to the holiday surge have passed
  2. The closure of testing at Dodgers Stadium. It processed 13,000 tests a day.
  3. The closing of Dodgers Stadium opens the question of Politics playing out ahead the Presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. The less testing, the lower the numbers.

As COVID restrictions are lifted, it’s difficult to suggest that the reopening is not political. After all, as the charts show, the results of the closure of Dodgers Stadium’s testing yielded a greater reduction in the numbers of California COVID-19 cases. In turn, this makes the new administration appear to be in better control of the situation. It’s suspicious the the closure took place with sufficient time to tamper down the numbers for a post-Trump era. After all, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County’s public health director herself stated that “We actually don’t have enough vaccine right now to be able to get it done more quickly”. Regardless, the important part is that we all support the reopening in a responsible manner, and make all necessary efforts to help reduce the spread of the virus.