Reality TV finally made it to Washington!

"Donald Trump - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey
Remember those crazy guys named Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson  who came up with a radical idea of freedom and put it on paper? Then they went knocking on doors until they formed a militia large enough to battle and defeat the Red Coats? And how about that tall guy who waged war to free the slaves and preserve the Union? That got a bit controversial.  Or remember that charming black Senator from Chicago who ran for president using the slogan “CHANGE” and won! America was built on change and nestled with controversial leadership and radical ideas dating back to the founding fathers and through any major turning point in the nation’s history; That is the direct result of freedom and democracy.  Of course, President Trump is not on the path to bring about a “more perfect union” but he is on the path of representing one of the most radical changes the nation has ever voted for. Yes, he is rude, controversial, verbally abusive with a history of sexual mishaps and is opened about it and will shamelessly deny any fault.  If all of this sounds familiar its because it should, it is the equivalent of what Americans have been  exposed to and systematically programmed to follow for the last 20 years. It’s called Reality TV and it has finally made it to Washington.

A radical subconscious-ideal voted for in 2016, and it will likely be so again

Given that never before has there been a president who is actually entertaining in a manner equivalent to Reality TV. Our citizens and the media can’t get enough of it either to laugh at the next statement or too furiously defend it thereby sending the message that America’s politicians had their run and prefer instead to be politically entertained.
“Donald Trump – Caricature” by DonkeyHotey
But how did that happen? Like our Founding Fathers connected with people in the new world by watering the seed of freedom, or how the Obama campaign managed to convince the public that “change” for the common person was coming amidst harsh economic conditions, Trump too convinced people that he would “Make America Great Again” and leveraged his experience as an entertainer to engage them.  And for the first time in modern history

Washington has a President who radically reflects what the nation has morphed into for the last 20 years.

And who, like many Reality TV stars, can do no wrong while everyone waits for to see what happens next. Without Trump, America essentially goes back to the same ol’boaring secretive government who’s complex culture fails to connect with the majority of the public, and with an agenda that mostly consists of international influence as oppose to domestically leading us to a stronger foundation.
Americans were left to the behavior of entertainers, not teachers, not government, nor positive role models, we were left to absorve rude people, cheer for sexual victories, and to follow melodramatic people which laws don’t seem to apply to.
Trump is an entertainer who successfully bridged Washington to TV drama-style news segments which people can easily relate to. This administration and the Republicans have managed to keep people engaged in following politics and successfully become the Liberal party by piggybacking on behavior which is socially acceptable thanks to Reality TV.   As for controversy, Trump doesn’t fear it like most politicians do, he embraces the attention, challenges authority on social media day-to-day, and holds nothing back when protesting on live TV.  There has yet to be a Democrat who can do that, take Hillary Clinton who after her defeat by Trump has kept a low profile. Trump wouldn’t do that, he would instead capitalize on it and have used his entertainment skills to stay on the air.
On the other hand, the Democrats have repeatedly shown a conservative approach with the selection of predictable political candidates who are unable to connect with the public in modern ways. In a world where change happens fast, communications is streamlined, and controversy has become acceptable, they seem to have lost momentum as the party of “change” lacking explosive interest in being out in the public to the degree that Trump enjoys.

What Joe Biden brings to the table is predictable

(until he stated that if “you can’t make up your mind then you ain’t black”), there’s nothing new about his policies and if there is, then not many seem excited about it.
And so now that the Democratic Party appears to have successfully given the stage to Trump after several failed attempt to oust him, the public has nothing left except to see what he does next.  And indeed there’s no telling what the Trump administration will do next but what we are all certain of is that it’ll be something different, controversial, and politically incorrect.  Assuming Trump wins the 2020 election, perhaps by the end of his second term the nation will be ready for a quieter time, maybe the sentiment will be more family oriented given the social changes triggered by COVID19.  For now, we know that polls don’t tell a full story (Ask Hillary Clinton), that majority votes don’t make a difference (ask the voters of 2016), and instead entertainment and ratings, which Trump pays so much attention to, are driving this bus.

After all, why do you think the Kardashians make their occasional pass in politics?

Because we are all tuned into Trump’s reality show in Washington brought to you by the Clintons. (Emphasis on Clintons not the Obamas, stay tuned to find out why).