Disinfecting during COVID19? Stick to the basics

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If COVID19 has you disinfecting everything, try sticking to the basics instead. During the unprecedented COVID19 Pandemic following the advice of health experts to continuously disinfect, keep social distance, and to wear a mask are crucial to prevent the spread of the disease. What is not mentioned however is how to keep your immune system strong which would, in actuality, require you to do the opposite of what is being recommended. Naturally, many people are not yet comfortable giving up face masks, nor is anyone suggesting challenging the authority and guidance provided by the government; Still, you should take control and maintain your immune system while balancing the recommendations from the CDC. 

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No matter what you see or hear, don’t panic! The best way to take control of your health is to  stick to the basics of sanitation and good nutritional balance. So to help calm things down a bit, Beehighve has put together a short list of basic sanitary practices and healthy choices to add to your routine.  These basics will help keep your home in a sanitary state and your immune system strong. If you already practice most of these, then don’t take offense, keep in mind there’s lots of people out there who don’t even wash their hands after going to the bathroom and who the sanitary suggestions by the government actually apply to. 

Basic sanitary practices during COVID19

  1. Wash your hands: Don’t be NASTY! The most sanitary thing to do is wash your hands after using the bathroom or after being out in public. Hand sanitizers are a nice to have but not a necessary. Washing your hands several times a day however is the most sanitary thing to do. 
  2. Keep your kitchen clean: Kitchens are the most common area for “touching” things around the house. Doing a good nightly wipe down is important with or without a pandemic taking place. Also, bugs thrive on crumbs left behind, those same bugs carry germs and lay eggs around your kitchen. Be sure to clean before going to bed using a disinfectant or simply dish soap and a sponge. You shouldn’t be doing this just because COVID19 is going around.
  1. Take out the trash: Leaving trash over night attracts bacteria, bugs, and moisture which becomes a breathing ground for viruses. So, again, a very basic recommendation is to take out the trash every night to reduce bacterial build ups. And to lay on the counters because, why not?
  1. Clean and disinfect the bathroom: The bathroom is the most infested room due to moisture. Wipe down the counter tops and syncs daily with a disinfecting wipe. In addition, two to three times a week wipe down inside the toilet bowl with powder soap and liquid bleach. Clean the bathtub biweekly using the same, plus soap scum remover.

Keep your Immune System strong during COVID19 Pandemic

  1. Vitamin-C: Your body’s immune system needs to be strong to fight off viruses and bacteria. Take care of its health with foods such as oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, papaya, red, green or yellow pepper and sweet potato all which are a good sources of Vitamin-C.  
  • Orange juice.
  • Strawberries with cream.
  • Hamburgers with tomato or spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce. 
  • Fajitas with red and green bell-peppers.
  • Steak, broccoli, and stuffed sweet potato.
  1. Vitamin-D: Get sunlight regularly to absorb natural Vitamin-D. It keeps your bones healthy and prevents diseases which can weaken your muscles or cause pain. Other sources Of Vitamin-D includes cheese, egg yolks, fish such as tuna or salmon, and mushrooms.
  2. Drink water: That’s a no brainer. If you’re pissing any shade of yellow you can consider yourself dehydrated. Try to drink at least 4 glasses or 2 bottles of water per day.
  3. Keep your lungs strong by staying active: Find a hobby that keeps you moving or develop a good exercise routine. Spend at least 1 hour a day in a rhythmic-active state so your blood can move oxygen across vital organs. Physical activity will help your lungs stay strong against COVID19.
  4. Add a moderate amount of liquor to your diet: That’s right, there are health benefits so long as you balance it with your diet. A good example is Tequila which contains natural agave extracts and non-absorbent sugars.  In addition, Tequila helps lower cholesterol making it fit in perfectly with any health diet. Other “liquid” suggestions include… 
  • Tequila with Lime: Have Tequila with a slice of lime. Lime helps improve digestion, fight off infections, and prevent heart disease or cancers.
  • Red Wine: Studies have shown that a glass of red wine can help regulate blood sugar and help prevent heart disease.
  • Whiskey: A good whiskey contains antioxidants therefore it can help prevent the common cold and other infections. Honey Jack, for example, is reported to reduce the time a person is sick. A benefit likely due to the added antioxidants found in honey. 
  • Other liquors such as Rum and Champagne are known to stimulation memory so long as they’re taken in moderation.

Think positive: This is the most significant and important recommendation during stressful times.  The above noted are worthless without a positive state of mind. Everyday, take 10 minutes to reflect on what is positive in your life. Just reading this article itself is a positive thing you accomplished today, take pride in that and look to consider other day-to-day activities to  feel good about. For instance, a cooked meal, a smile from your kids, getting rid of kitchen clutter, or a simple workout are all positive moves being made. Build your mind and KEEP IT MOVING in a positive direction and don’t look at the negativity portrayed on TV.  Instead look around you and find how to improve yourself and the lives of those you care for. Your mind can be trained with consistency and patience.