HOME: A must watch documentary

HOME, is not just a documentary, it is a modern day archive of Man-Kind’s impact on our planet strictly through powerful and astonishing HD images.  The narrator is a soft spoken woman who gives nurturing narratives of the distructive forces and changes humans are causing to the ecosystems across the globe; She truly takes on a role of Mother Nature gently describing three things…how fascinating and eye catching the world used to be, what we humans did to change the scenery, and what it will become if the destructive path humanity is on doesn’t change.

To collapse a society requires fully destroying its natural resources; to destroy the planet, just keep expanding societies. Both are inevitable.


Several technologies now exist to help the charge towards securing the future of our ecosystems, of our planet, but no technology or laws can ultimately stop this destructive path we are on, only Mother Nature can. Challenges are at play to achieve a full reversal, for that matter, we might be too late to do that ourselves. HOME visually challenges us to realize that human nature is to consume from its own natural resources in order to advance societies and technologies, to provide comfort living, or to conquer using brutal force. And so, it asks; how do we stop this inevitable future of complete planetary collapse?  HOME can provide a clear global picture of what is happening and will happen if we, collectively, do not participate in saving our Earth, our only HOME. Take a peak at the show, it will leave you hoping we can recover or, at the very least, wishing we can turn the clock back in time to a state of absolute natural beauty.