A TRIP to the Dark Side

That’s what anyone having a smoke of Darth Vader should get ready for…A “TRIP” in the Dark Side

What else would you expect out of a strain holding  that name?

With the abundant options of cannabis in a dispensary, Vader visually stands out amongst the Indica selections. As you glance at the menu, its shimmering and majestic greens, intertwined with a mystique combination of blacks and purples (which compliment its name) are sure to draw you towards it as if its own “Force” called to you. The aroma itself is better described as POTENT and of course, the high is sure to take you on a loud and hard “light yeaeeaaars!!!” trip…Just be sure not to be swinging a lightsaber when you come back from the zone; it’s a hard stop mid-action.

Keep it classy

With a short burn out period allowing you to quickly reset for another trip, this strain can continually meet your needs for both recreational and medicinal purposes.  It balances out much of your senses putting you in deep focus without the grogginess that usually follows, however, have too much of it and you’ll likely be stuck.   The suggested amount would be dependent on your tolerance with strong Indica strains, and having a mature level of awareness to determine how much is enough before your next hit. One thing is for sure, an overload with this strain can turn into a bad trip putting you in a no-shit dark place for an extended amount of time.