Race or Raised? The endless stalemate!

Let’s face a fact, in this country’s modern society, racism is NOW much less about the color of the skin and more about the conduct of a few which negatively impacts the race an individual represents. Donald Trump’s conduct for instance, portrays him as a racist, yet the conduct of criminals crossing the boarder are the triggers for his conduct and therefore, the perception that many others beyond Trump share. That’s the stalemate of racism, the reflection of conduct is the silent trigger of modern day racism and until that is admitted to, we will remain in a stalemate blaming skin and culture. Here is another set of facts, conduct is the gateway towards achieving perceptions, if the conduct is positive then respect and opportunities follow. Collectively speaking, conduct also reflects on culture, race, and family thereby opening or closing doors of opportunity at a greater scale. Perception can’t be controlled without being fully aware of conduct and representation through it. However, through consistency in establishing A fundamental approach in how we raise our youth to include racial pride, followed by culturally established routines, with a touch of class, modesty, self in social respect of others, and goals followed by achievements will bring forward changes in perception across racial boundaries.

Ultimately, in this diverse world we all represent more than just ourselves, we each represent what we care about most. You could represent your career, your hobby, your skill, your culture…the same as you could represent your gang, your cult, your Jihad, your cartel, or your “family”, each of those however is also linked to your culture’s rebellious social group, or rather, the safe heaven groups where the misguided gave up hope, or felt they had no choice but to create or join social groups that negatively impact perception across races. Truth is, no human is racist, we just look down on those who bring others down, who hurt or promote hurting, who hate and promote hate, who bitch and complain about life yet don’t try to achieve , who take advantage of a system that gives to those who actually need, who disrespect humans and laws, basically we who try to achieve are bothered by those who in turn get attention for achieving nothing more than hurt the next generation.

We are all free to succeed and while challenging, if we just look beyond our present and raise the next generation to be better than ourselves, and if we help those who want to succeed, then, over time (decades), we will have an opportunity to remove the cycle of racist stigmas. Without a collective effort, we will stay in the cycle of hating one another and creating our own perception of race based on negative behavior by social groups who in turn blame racism as a justification for their corrupt behavior.